Property Management



The Property Managers are supported by a fully computerized state of the art Property Management System that provides clients with monthly reporting of rental revenues and expenses.

Tenant Placement

All tenant applications are carefully reviewed to match up the best tenants for every property. Every tenant completes a Tenancy Application Form and is screened before they are considered for placement in a property.

Property Maintenance

Maintenance issues are taken care of in a timely manner where required repairs are completed by a qualified company or where replacement of appliances are needed, value for monies spent is always considered.


Dispute Resolution

There are instances were dispute resolution in required. Working on behalf of the client, the property manager attends dispute resolution hearings as scheduled by Residential Tenancy Branch. There are times when the property manager will liaise with the police department about an explosive issue or about crime prevention strategies at a property.


Services Outline

  • Preview potential rental property with the owners
  • Screen, qualify, and place tenants in appropriate housing
  • Collect first month’s rent, security deposit & pet deposit prior to access or in accordance with Residential Tenancy Act (RTA)
  • Collect monthly rents
  • Make bank deposits to owner’s accounts by the 15th of each month
  • Complete accounting services including bill payments and strata fee payments, month-end and year-end statements
  • Arrange all necessary maintenance while trying to budget economically
  • Act as liaison between owners and tenants
  • Complete periodic inspections of each property, including move-in and move-out inspections
  • Serve notice to tenants with respect to owner requirements and in accordance with RTA
  • Collect and submit non-resident tax
  • Reports on preventative maintenance program
  • Place appropriate advertising in specific media source to attract quality tenants
  • Advertise on the Company website


Our goal is to place quality tenants into our client’s properties. Contact Scott to discuss how we can assist you.